Ollin Athletics & Sports Medicine

Ollin Athletics & Sports Medicine

Cypress, United States

Job Title
Athletic Performance Coach
Office time
[MON - THU: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM] & [FRI: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM]
Cypress, United States
Job Type
Part Time
30 August, 2023

Company Description

Who We Are:


Ollin was founded in 2014 and is a company derived from an accumulation of Athletes, Coaches, and Doctors' experiences in the Sports Medicine, Athletic Performance Training, Sports Science, and Nutrition industries. Ollin was developed from a vision of combining science, human biomechanics, holistic healthcare, and the latest human performance innovations into one program. Over the past decade, we have evolved into a company with a goal to ignite the all-in mentality in all of us by getting our members ready to achieve what's most meaningful to them. 




Since Ollin's conception, our mission has been to provide a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on musculoskeletal injuries, with a movement-based approach to rehabilitation and athletic performance training. Ollin optimizes each athlete's performance for each sport through mental fortitude, athletic optimization, nutrition, and skill development. Ollin cultivated an environment that conveys passion and energy, creating one's mind, body, and spirit.




As Ollin evolves, we inspire to continue to spread our passion not only to our professionals and local athletes that walk through the door but feel compelled and believe it is our corporate responsibility to bring Ollin to as many lives that can be impacted through our programs to improve the quality of life to each individual we come across.


  • Superior customer service skills
  • Excellent communication
  • Access to regular email and phone communication
  • Educated in exercise science
  • Professionalism
  • Punctual
  • Able to coach various ages
  • Create workout programs


Job Description:


We're seeking an Athletic Performance Coach to join our team. Our new Coach should be enthusiastic, trainable, and enjoys correcting our athlete's movements in a positive manner. We are looking for a coach who cares about training all ages of athletes, is self-motivated, passionate about health & performance, and is ready to make a difference in each of our athletes' lives. To be an Ollin Coach, you must be motivating and encouraging, corrective and informative, exciting and life-giving. 


As our new Strength, Conditioning, & Speed Coach, you will:


·   Deliver the Ollin Experience to our members in each class

·   Adhere to the class description and modify the intensity for participants when necessary

·   Continuously monitor the exercise intensity throughout the duration of the class

·   Ensure class begins and ends on time;

·   Teach respective classes regularly and keep subbing to a minimum;

·   Communicate with the Ollin Team on member feedback, equipment, operational status, scheduling, subbing,

·   Be responsible for helping our members meet their healthy living goals

·   Supervise and monitor exercise participants

·   Instruct group exercise classes

·   Perform fitness assessments, determine exercise prescriptions, and design workout programs for a diverse population, including a variety of high-risk clientele

·   Perform administrative tasks associated with facility operations

·   Ability to work independently as a sole leader on-site

·   Perform other duties as assigned


The Ideal Candidate would have the following:


·   An Associates Degree/Bachelor Degree in Physical Education, Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Playing or Having Played a College Sport, and or Equivalent [NOT REQUIRED]

·   Possess a current Group Fitness Certification (ACE, AFAA, NASM, ACSM are acceptable) or a degree in a related field [NOT REQUIRED]

·   A CPR/AED certificate at the time of hire or the ability to obtain the certification within 6 months of hire

·   Have experience teaching Group Fitness classes in a related discipline

·   An outgoing personality, friendly, and excellent communication skills

·   Superior customer service skills

·   Must be well-versed in basic anatomy, kinesiology, contraindicated exercises, exercise modifications for all populations, and ACSM Guidelines for frequency, intensity, duration, and mode

·   Eager to learn and continue professional development and education

·   Access to regular email and phone communication

·   Background in Collegiate and/or Professional sports


Job Responsibilities

Essential Competencies:


·   Ability to work with members and clients of all ages and fitness backgrounds

·   Proactive in seeking out clients to join the Ollin family 

·   Know, understand, and implement Ollin Core Values at our facility and in daily life

·   Able to lead small and large groups while maintaining a coaching style directly correlated to the Ollin way

·   Strong organizational, prioritizing, and analytical skills

·   Capable of sharing knowledge regarding health & fitness 

·   Ability to absorb and apply constructive criticism from peers and management

·   Able to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle

·   Constantly seek to gain more responsibility by being proactive and a contributor to the Ollin Team

·   Proactive in generating new ideas regarding Ollin: programming, marketing, member appreciation, community outreach program, etc.

·   Genuinely caring and engaging with our athletes 

·   Motivation-ability to positively impact our athletes

·   Hard-Working




·   Compensation – Depends on experience 

·   We offer competitive hourly pay (part-time/contract) with growth opportunities 

·   Salary & benefits (full-time)

·   Gear


Supplemental pay types:

·   Bonus pay

·   Commission pay