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Our nutrition programs are designed to help you achieve a greater quality of life by helping you implement solid nutritional principles that are sustainable, unlike many familiar fad diets. Whether it’s an elimination program you need to begin with, a structured eating plan based on your body type and goals, or whether you want to take a more science-based approach using diagnostic tools such as blood work, Ollin’s nutrition programs can help you.

Many people struggle with health problems, weight issues, and various diseases that impair their quality of life. Many resort to pharmaceutical drugs to relieve their symptoms, but these temporary “fixes” may result in more harm than good. What people don’t realize is that they can significantly change their lives and improve their health by just changing their diet.


Science Based Nutrition is an innovative, science-based look at nutritional strengths & weaknesses through an individual’s blood test, as well as other objective diagnostic tools. This objective approach can offer a clear plan for determining and monitoring nutritional recommendations. Most blood tests are reported using an established “Clinical Range”.


If you are within this Clinical Range, you are most likely considered “normal”. This should not be confused with “healthy”. Clinical Ranges are determined by taking approximately 100- 200 people who tested recently with a particular lab (yes, they are determined by each individual lab and not a centralized agency). The people being tested typically have a health problem which is why they’re being tested in the first place. These results which are basically coming from a sick population are then averaged to establish the Clinical Range with the high and low sides of the range being two standard deviations from the average.

Our SBN panel also incorporates an Optimal, or healthy range, in our reports. The Optimal Range simply takes the middle 20% of the Clinical Range. It’s designed with the concept of not waiting until a patient’s test result is “Clinical” to consider nutritional support or lifestyle changes. The point of the Optimal Range is to “flag” tests that are heading towards Clinical. Wouldn’t you want to make minor changes now to avoid big problems later? PREVENTION: That’s the whole idea!


At the end of your Ollin SBN report, you’ll find a summary of all of the supplement recommendations. These supplement recommendations are customized based upon the patient’s test results, gender, weight and severity of condition.


The SBN report gives you a patient friendly visual aid documenting the patient’s laboratory results. Yellow is warning, Red is danger!, Blue is emergency! Upon retesting, you can compare any test side by side! No flipping back and forth between lab reports PLUS there is data point that instantly tells you what’s improved and what needs a little more work!



Improve your strength, speed, agility and overall health with our highly sought team of professionals with NFL, NBA, Olympic and other high profile training experience.

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Ollin Stretch can help you perform better in your daily workouts, your sport activities, and everyday functions of life. It can improve muscle strength, elasticity and increase agility, as well as speed.

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Take your first step back to the game you love with our physical therapy program. Our specialists are ready to get you back to top performance and beyond.

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We combine the art of various manual techniques including: Dry Needling, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM)

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